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Dedicated teams

ApricusIT helps to build new software development teams (dedicated teams) or expand existing ones (extended teams). You get the professionals you need, while we take care of everything else. Working on the outstaffing model, you save time on hiring, maintenance, staff support, and other operational issues. If necessary, we can support your project with external specialists working on the part-time model (architects, DevOps, QA automation, etc.) or peak-resources (temporary expansion/replacement of specialists). You get a team that shares your goals and values ​​and fully devotes its time to your business, as well as the opportunity to involve additional resources, if necessary!


With the Proof-of-Concept development service from ApriciusIT, you can prove or reject an idea based on a prototype that we will develop together with you. That would allow you to get the “look and feel” of your solution and to decide whether it is worth investing significant resources to continue it or not. Also, we can provide qualified advice on implementing PoC and preparing for the next phase – MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Typically, if the PoC phase is successful, up to 70% of the solution can be reused in the next phase.

Validating an idea with PoC is a small pit stop before the big step towards MVP and a full-fledged IT product for your business!

Our developers have experience of creating the projects of different complexity: from classic Web solutions (3-tier application) to complex distributed global SaaS platforms based on microservices.

Together with our clients, the company’s specialists have worked on projects for such well-known companies as Samsung, Burberry, Ford, Nissan, Volkswagen, PHD, OMD and others. Working with ApricusIT, you get all the advantages of a dedicated team of IT specialists who have extensive experience in various fields and know how to create complex and successful solutions!

Technical analysis of existing IT solutions

Assistance to start-up companies

Back-end development

Front-end development


UX/UI design

Building a QA process

Building and Supporting