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The Dedicated Team is when we are selecting and hiring a fully functional development team who exclusively focused on the client’s project. Such a unit is capable to deliver product increments regularly (sprints) and ship those releases to the production environment on demand.

Our Recommended Setup:

  • Location: Ukraine
  • Team composition: balanced
    • 1 tech lead
    • 1 senior developer
    • 2 middle developers
    • 1 QA engineer
    • 1 Scrum Master
  • Tech Stack:
    • Backend: C#, .NET, Node.js
    • Frontend: TypeScript, JavaScript, Vue.js, Angular
    • Databases: MongoDB, MS SQL, AWS Athene, AWS Dynamo
    • Cloud: AWS

NOTE: We can build a team for your technology stack (PHP, Ruby, Python, AI/ML, DevOps).

What if I need just 1-2 engineers to extend my existing team?