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Bannericot β

Bannericot β is a new Figma plugin for designers who want to create banners that can be exported to HTML and animated using CSS or GSAP. This plugin makes it easy to design and export banners in just a few clicks, and it’s a great tool for anyone who needs to create banners regularly.

General Overview Video:

We are quickly adding more animations to the plugin. Let us know in the section below if you have specific needs.


  1. Banner: Each Figma frame is a banner. Import frames into the plugin to work with.
  2. Animation: Configure animations (CSS or GSAP) for each layer in the banner. All such settings are stored in a Figma file to preserve the settings.
  3. Versions: Create variants of different parts of a banner (e.g. different Call To Action buttons, texts, hero images). The plugin can generate versions of the banner by using all the combinations of such variants.
  4. Export to HTML: Any frame and all its components can be exported into HTML.
  5. Export to MP4: Seamlessly render HTML banner into MP4 video directly within the browser.
  6. Index: Review exported banners on 1 page with all variants or on separate pages.
  7. Minify: HTML and CSS can be minified to
  8. Reduce Package Size: Set the arbitrary size of the package to minify images.


If you’re new to our plugin, the videos are a great place to start. The tutorial is easy to follow and provides a great introduction to the plugin’s capabilities:

  • How to install the plugin
  • Features Overview
  • Next thing we are improving

Coming soon…


Try this plugin and let us know what you think: