What is a foundation of a successful project?

What is a foundation of a successful project? Technology? Money?

The Trust! …and let me explain, why!

A successful project takes a lot of resources such as time, money, technology etc. But Trust between Client and Vendor is crucial for it to succeed.

The problems at the beginning of a project:

  • lack of knowledge about the domain
  • lack of fully documented requirements
  • competing implementation options
  • lack of understanding regarding the resources involved
  • don’t know what you don’t know

And most important – Client and Vendor have different fears!

Client’s fears:

  • Can they do that?
  • Will I overpay?

Vendor’s fears:

  • How to estimate with so many unknowns?
  • Whether I underestimate?

“Overpay” and “underestimate” are usually the key ones. But they are counterparts, they are antipodes. How to balance them?

At ApricusIT we believe that Trust and Partnership-like attitude can help to bridge the sides. To become the partner – we have to earn the Trust.

Usually, we offer the following:

  • let’s start with a PoC (Proof-of-Concept) only
  • no long-term commitments, no “big money” deals
  • let’s explore your idea Together and figure out whether it could be implemented
    See examples of PoC projects

Let’s give us a chance to become trustful Partners!

The project is a risky journey. It’s much better to have a journey with a Partner you Trust, who can deliver the maximum of possible, rather than what has been originally written, at the very beginning of our journey… when we both knew so little about your project.

Being agile means adapting and being ready to change direction to find the optimal path to the target. Trust is essential here. The business meaningful result is the ultimate destination.

Have an idea? Contact us!

Let’s figure out whether your idea could be implemented!